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Social Security Disability Blog

SSA Listing 1.02 Major dysfunction of a joint(s)

“1.02 Major dysfunction of a joint(s) (due to any cause): Characterized by gross anatomical deformity (e.g., subluxation, contracture, […]

SSA listing 1.04C Spinal Stenosis

Social Security Administration listing 1.04C addresses Lumbar spinal stenosis. The listing requires acceptable imaging and medical records addresses […]

Listing 1.04 B Spinal pain from arachnoiditis

Listing 1.04B addresses spinal arachnoiditis. The diagnosis must be confirmed by acceptable imaging such as an MRI of […]

How to meet Listing 1.04A Disorders of the spine

The information below explains listing 1.04 “A” disorders of the spine. Many people have spine pain listing 1.04 […]

SSA listing 1.03 Reconstructive Surgery of a major weight bearing joint

If you have undergone reconstructive surgery or surgical arthrodesis (fusion) of a major weight-bearing joint, such as a […]

Questions to ask yourself if you feel you can’t work due to dysfunction of a major joint

In my previous blog I wrote about listing 1.02 dysfunction of a major joint. If you are having […]

Listing of impairments 1.02 Major dysfunction of a joint(s)

The next listing in the listing of impairments is 1.02. Listing 1.02 has two criteria that can be […]

Social Security Listing of Impairments, Musculoskeletal 1.01

Six of the thirteen musculoskeletal Listings (musculoskeletal is the evaluation of the bones and joints) require the inability […]

SSI issues: gifts vs. in-kind support

Social Security Supplemental income or SSI treats a gift or giving money differently than someone paying your bills […]

Do drug and alcohol use affect my SSDI and/or SSI claim?

The Social Security Administration will first determine if you are disabled with all of your conditions including addiction. […]