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Social Security Disability Blog

Listing 3.02 Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency

SSA listing 2.07 disturbance of labyrinthine-vestibular

Social Security listing 2.07 disturbance of labyrinthine-vestibular function will be met when appropriate testing has been done to […]

Social Security disability Loss of visual field Listing 2.03

Loss of visual field SSA listing 2.03 Normally a person can see an object out of the corner […]

Listing 2.02 Loss of visual acuity

Social Security Disability listing 2.02 requires vision in both eyes to be worse than 20/200 while wearing glasses […]

Soft Tissue injuries SSA Listing 1.08

Many soft tissue injuries heal quickly without any permanent limitations or loss of function. Others do not heal […]

Listing 1.07 non-healing fracture of arm

Most broken bones heal within a few months of the injury, however, for the fractures that do not […]

Health and Wellness Fair

Visit our booth at the Free Health and Wellness fair Saturday March 7, 2015 from 9am to noon. […]

Social Security Listing 1.06 Fracture of the leg or feet

There are many types of bone fractures, the most common are compression, open, closed, and stress. If the […]

Social Security Listing 1.05 the loss of a limb

If you have lost a limb (arm, leg, foot, or hand) you may qualify for Social Security Disability […]

How to file a SSDI or SSI claim without a representative.

Filing a Social Security disability claim with out a representative is easier than you might think.  If you […]