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Apply For Social Security Disability Now

Apply for Social Security Disability Now.

Fill out the form below to start your application or appeal for Social Security Disability benefits.  At Representative Services we have been representing disability claimants in Iowa and the surrounding states for over 25 years and can help you cut through the red tape.

At Representative Services we are able to win benefits on over 90% of our claims, versus only about 52% of claims being approved nationwide.  The Social Security Disability claim process averages around 22 months nationwide.  Claims that require a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge can take over 2 years.  The average length of a claim can be significantly reduced by working with a local representative familiar with the claim process and what Social Security needs to approve your claim.  Unlike many disability representatives who will only take claims at the hearing level we will help you with filing your initial claim or appeal.

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Apply for Social Security Disability Now.