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How to file a SSDI or SSI claim without a representative.

Filing a Social Security disability claim with out a representative is easier than you might think.  If you have access to a computer go to click on the benefits (a Social Security Disability claim can only be filed on, if the website is not .gov it is not a government website).  A box will drop down click on the option to file an application.  The application process is in 2 parts  The first asks questions about marriages, divorces, children, recent work, and current income.  Social Security will use the information given to determine what benefits, if any, a person may be eligible for if they are found disabled.

The second half of the online process is the disability report.  Social Security needs information about your medical care, education,  and past work.  Specifically the following information will be needed:

For all medical provider approximately the first visit, last visit and any upcoming appointments.

If testing has been done the name of the test, where the test was done, and when the test was done.

Work history for the past 15 years including when the job began and ended.

Educational history including the date last in school.  If the applicant had any special education services the name, address, and phone number of the school.

The name address and phone number of a person who knows about the activities of daily living of the person filing the claim.

The information submitted online will be used to developed a claim.  Giving Social Security as much information as possible will increase the chance of an approval.

If you have any questions about filing a Social Security Disability claim call Representative Services for free information on filing a claim.

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